Voted Best Overall Menu by NFocus

nfocus-cover-feb-2013We were surprised and delighted to open the February 2013 issue of NFocus Magazine, which happened to be the annual “Best Parties” issue, and find that we won the Best Overall Menu category. It was a three way tie – we tied ourselves! All of the winning menus were our creations from three different parties last year which included the Frist Gala Patrons Party, Swan Ball Patrons Party, and Literary Awards Patrons Party. We had great fun creating unique menus for all three events.

A special thanks to the staff at NFocus for doing such a wonderful job of reporting the special events taking place in Nashville!

Here’s what NFocus had to say.

“There was a three-way tie for best menu this year and—surprise!—they were all created by the same culinary genius: Kristen Winston. Queen of the patrons party, Kristen is the one to thank for the delicious offerings at the Frist Patrons, Literary Awards Patrons and Swan Ball Patrons parties this year.”