Anne Gobbell

Anne Gobbell

Event Kitchen Manager

Anne is the A in the Kristen Winston Alphabet.

“She was my first employee,” said Kristen. “In the beginning the two of us did everything, everything.”

And “everything” seems to still be a part of Anne’s responsibilities and capabilities. As Event Kitchen Manager she is responsible for oversight and execution of a daunting checklist to ensure proper transportation and quality assurance of all menu items, production equipment, serving pieces, utensils — even all event staff members. From making sure that even the proper quantity of garnishes are present to verifying the time that food items will be presented, Anne ensures that all details are attended to KW standards.

And then she is responsible for making sure that everything after the event “disappears” leaving each venue exactly as it was before the KW team went into action.

A mother of three, Anne has her own culinary specialty – baking. Her cinnamon rolls are widely renowned and widely consumed, especially on holidays.

Anne’s menu favorite: White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies