John Winston


If Kristen Winston Catering was a large corporation John’s title might be COO – Chief Operating Officer. In Kristen’s words:

“John has been involved with Kristen Winston Catering since before the company was even a sparkle in my eye. His encouragement and support gave me the confidence to start my own company after a brief stint in a partnership with another caterer.

Technically trained and adept — John has a degree in technical operations management — he owned and operated a residential construction company for eight years, building high-end custom homes that made him no stranger to the highest quality standards.

John manages the details of the business side of KW and has a key role in strategic planning. He developed the thriving Kristen-To-Go seasonal dinner take-out business.

Kristen’s husband and co-manager of their daughters Meg and Kate, John “basically took a home based sole proprietorship and implemented administrative systems and procedures so we operate as a company,” Kristen said.

John’s menu favorite: Sweet Potato Biscuits with Country Ham